Frequently Asked Questions on RA-710 Coffee Roast Analyzer

1. What type of users is the Roast Analyzer designed for?

Roastrite Coffee Roast Analyzer is the perfect tool for coffee roasting vendors, coffee shop owners or home roasters.

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2. What are the benefits of using RoastRite Roast Analyzer?

Unlike the naked human eye, the Roastrite Coffee Roast Analyzer utilizes infrared technology to accurately measure the roast degree of coffee without being affected by differences in lighting or the environment. Its small size and use of AA batteries allows the unit to be portable. The small measurement cup also uses a minimal amount of sample to help prevent waste.

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3. Which grind level is recommended?

The SCAA cupping standards states that the coffee used for cupping shall be ground so that 70-75 percent of the grinds pass through a 20 mesh sieve. Espresso grind is also acceptable, but be aware different grinds may result in different measurements.

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4. Anything to be aware of when measuring coffee beans?

Fill coffee beans into the measurement cup with the Bean Measurement Ring installed, use the Flattening Scraper to flatten and even the surface of the beans. Beans should not be over the height of Bean Measurement Ring. Due to difference in shapes and sizes of coffee beans, it's recommended to refill and measure the beans 3 ~ 5 times then take the averaged readings for reference.

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