Coffee Roast Analyzer

BigFoot™ Edition

RoastRite Coffee Roast Analyzer bootFoot Edition

Accurate, Convenient & Affordable

RoastRite Coffee Roast Analyzer BigFoot Edition analyzes caramelization of coffee grounds and beans accurately and consistently. Affordable and easy to operate, perfect for specialty coffee instructors and roasters.




Agtron & RoastRite Roast Analyzer Stability Test

Tutorial: Measuring coffee beans

Tutorial: Measuring coffee grounds

Measure Confidently

The bundled BigFoot™ attachment comes with a large sample plate to minimize errors caused by gaps and coffee chaffs, producing measurements with higher accuracy and consistency.

Battery / USB Powered

The RoastRite Analyzer can not only be powered via USB, but also run on 2 AA batteries. Portable and Convenient.

Less Sample, Less Waste

Only 15 grams of coffee grounds are required for each measurement while measuring coffee beans only takes 70 grams. Less product wasted, more costs saved.

RA-710BF Coffee Roast Degree Analyzer Block#3 Concept

Lightweight & Portable

The analyzer and all accessories can be stored in the bundled aluminium carrying case and weighs less than 5 pounds total.

RA-710BF Coffee Roast Degree Analyzer Block#4 Concept

No Warm Up, Always Ready

No complicated calibration or boot up procedures, simply power on and start measuring.


Product RoastRite Coffee Roast Analyzer BigFoot™ Edition
Display LED panel
Sensor Near Infrared Sensor
Measurement Degree R15 ~ R150, SCAA/Agtron measurement compatible
Power Micro USB (5 Pin) port;
Output: 5VDC/1A;
Input: 200mA, 110~240VAC
Size 4.25 x 1.57 x 3.75 mm (HxWxD)
Weight Net: 5.3lbs (2.4kg)
Operating Environment Operating Temperature 0~40°C;
Storage Temperature -5~40°C ;
Humidity under 85% (No condensation)
Certification RoHS, CE, FCC